Slow Dance in Autumn

Slow Dance in Autumn

Meet Hank Prince, Atlanta’s most engaging private eye. He’s bold, he’s tough, he’s tenderhearted. A former AAA baseball player-turned detective, Prince is a literate jock with an abiding appreciation of food, wine, and women.

Lately Prince has fallen on hard times. His last love ran off with an encyclopedia salesman. He lost his boat, his house, most of its contents, and he sloshes when he jogs, all due in part to his fondness for Evan Williams bourbon.

Prince is ready to bail out of the private eye business ltogether when he gets drawn into the mystery surrounding an old friend’s disappearance. Reinvigorated by the search, Prince pursues the truth and trips across a priceless artifact that seems to point to a reason for his friend’s demise. He also stumbles upon Ginny Calvert, and rediscovers the thrill of a new love.

Hardboiled, appealing, Hank Prince might not be the world’s perfect detective, but he knows the difference between right and wrong, and that’s the code he lives by.

Hardcover, Peachtree Publishers, 1988
Softcover, Dell, 1989
Japanese translation, Hayakawa, 1990

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