Philip Lee Williams is the author of four published books of poetry and has been publishing poems in magazines and journals for more than 40 years. His books and selected magazine publications of poetry are listed below.


Eden’s Last Horizon: Poems for the Earth
Paperback, Mercer University Press, 2022

The Color of All Things: 99 Love Poems
Paperback, Mercer University Press, 2015
Winner of the Adrienne Bond Award for Poetry

The Flower Seeker: An Epic Poem of William Bartram
Hardcover, Limited Edition Hardcover, and Softcover, Mercer University Press, 2010

Elegies for the Water
Hardcover, Mercer University Press, 2009

Work in Magazines
“The Tip,” fall 2012 issue of The Georgia Review

“Cusp” and “Falling Into Boulder Dam” in Snake Nation Review, 2003

“Poem,” Cedar Hill Review, winter, 2000

“Three Stanzas for Diane Arbus.” Press, fall 1996

“Before the Last Robbery.” Blue Unicorn, June 1996

“Poem.” Abbey, summer, 1998

“In Memory of Raymond Andrews”, “Ravel in April” and “Memorial Day.” Mountain Laurels, spring 1998

“Poem in Winter.” Blue Unicorn, February, 1996

“Cinnamon Toast.” Poetry, August 1995.

“Grass Warfare.” Yemassee, Spring/Summer 1995

“Her Gray Study, with Wings.” Gaia, October 1993

“The Fourth Floor.” Georgia Journal, summer 1990

“The Invention of the Frisbee.” Riverside Quarterly, Vol. 8, number 3, 1990

“Finding the Titanic.” Roanoke Review, Summer 1989

“Brandon Visiting.” Green’s Magazine, Summer 1989

“Amish Barn Raising” and “An Amish Child.” Cotton Boll: Atlanta Review, spring 1989

“Which Beasts Shall I Become.” Poem, May 1989

“The Janitor.” Wind, 1989

“Telling My Son I’m Not Important.” Kudzu, Spring/Fall 1987

“Something Quite Perfect.” Pilgrimage, Nov./Dec., 1986

“Bones” and “The Confederate Cemetery in Madison, Georgia.” Cumberland Poetry Review, fall 1986

“My Father, Retiring.” Karamu, Fall 1986

“Arthur and Isabel.” Kentucky Poetry Review, Spring 1986

“Something New”, “Christa” and “Flying Dutchman.” Poem, November 1986

“As Long as Love Lasts.” Cache Review, Summer 1986

“Regarding Shoes.” Kansas Quarterly, Spring 1983

“For George, A Plain Cat.” Rhino, 1981

“Water Oaks.” Green’s Magazine, Summer 1981

“The Poet Asserts Himself.” The Cat and the Moon, 1977

“Wassily Kandinsky.” Kansas Quarterly, 1977

“Dearest Beloved Linda,”, “Approaching the Blue Jay” and “The Hen.” En Passant Poetry Quarterly, 1976

“Moving to Town.” Gray Day, 1976

“Dying Among the Dying.” Front Street Trolley, May/June 1976

“My Son, My Fire.” Green’s Magazine, Autumn 1976

“Saarinen.” Front Street Trolley, 1975-76 issue

“Poem.” Modus Operandi, December 1976

“Dmitri Shostakovich.” Stone Country, November 1974

“Sunshine Silver Mine.” Patterns, 1973

“Bhangi.” Beyond Baroque. 1973.

“The Instruments.” DeKalb Literary Arts Journal, 1973

“Morgue.” Cardinal Poetry Quarterly, December 1972

“The Professional”, “The Firing of a Gun” and “Turns.” Aurora, Winter 1972